2019 - Faster, Faster!

Faster, Faster! The Art of Motorcycle Culture

Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art

Rancho Cucamonga, CA - 2019

Curated by Rebecca Trawick

Faster, Faster! The Art of Motorcycle Culture brings together contemporary artists and designers who contemplate the motorcycle in their work, many of whom are also avid motorcycle-enthusiasts. They commemorate, document, and investigate motorcycles, and the sub-cultures and communities that have developed. Artists include Deborah Aschheim, Tom Cardwell, Sean Duffy, Jeffrey O. Durrant, Max Grundy, Cory Jarman, Toria Jaymes, Max Lockwood, Christopher Myott, Ryan Quickfall, Lydia Ricci, Susana Rico, Marwan Shahin, Rachel Wolfson Smith, Mark T. Stockton.