Rachel Wolfson Smith is a full time artist living and working in Austin, TX. Originally from Baltimore, MD, she earned her BFA in painting from Maryland Institute College of Art, and her MFA in Painting from Indiana University. After following the Corot trail in Italy as an Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant recipient, she spent six years as an Art Professor at Indiana University and Western Oregon University, and was an artist in residence at Halka Sanat in Istanbul, and the Babyan Culture House in Ibrahimpasa, Turkey. She was recently awarded a solo show at the Gray Duck Gallery in Austin as the 2015 Eyes Got It winner, and was juried into the People's Gallery in City Hall for 2016. For updates and a peak inside the studio at Pump Projects follow along on Instagram.


My giant pencil drawings give a nod to dramatic Renaissance battle paintings. Dirt bike riders are like soldiers on horseback, hidden behind helmets and racing costumes that playfully mask the tragedy of the crashes they're paused in. Myths, contradictions, and ridiculous driving machinery fuel the drawings that illustrate the guarantee that what goes up must inevitably come down.